Colorado Child Protection Ombudsman

The CPO shares recommendations and guidance with the Colorado General Assembly regarding budgetary, regulatory, and administrative changes, including systemic changes, to improve the safety of and promote better outcomes for children and families receiving child protection services in Colorado. Recommendations to the General Assembly are a product of the CPO’s work on Special Initiatives, cases, and engagement with stakeholders and the public.

The CPO interacts with legislators by providing testimony, guidance and/or recommendations on bills and amendments, facilitating stakeholder collaboration, completing research, and by developing and reporting on recommendations designed to improve child protection systems. Legislators also utilize the CPO as a resource for their constituents, often connecting the agency with citizens who have concerns about the child protection system.

Additionally, the CPO monitors legislation as it is introduced to evaluate its impact on the state’s child protection system.

Legislator Resources

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Below is a list of the legislation the CPO is monitoring during the 2022 legislative session. Full details about the legislation — including bill history, bill text and votes — may be accessed by clicking on the Bill Status button.


To ensure transparency, the CPO maintains a public list of the legislation it is monitoring. This list is updated weekly during legislative session.

2022 General Assembly Bill Tracker