Analyst assists out-of-state mother with her Colorado son’s fentanyl addiction and unsafe living situation

A mother living in another state called our agency seeking help for her son, who was living with his father in Colorado. She was concerned about her son’s fentanyl addiction and safety.

An assessment by the local county human services agency had been opened after her son violently acted out towards his father, threatened self-harm and stopped attending school. During the assessment, the boy disclosed that he was using fentanyl every 6 hours, occasionally with his father. She was worried that he could have a fatal overdose any day.

After making a report to the child abuse hotline, our team of analysts contacted the county agency. The agency then worked with extended family to help make contact with the son who hadn’t been located for weeks. Our team spent more than 40 hours working with the county agency and the other state’s child protective services agency to find support services for the child.

Now living with his mom, the son is receiving substance abuse treatment, attending school, working a part-time job and fixing up a used car that he recently purchased.