The CPO has demonstrated its ability to provide thorough and objective analysis regarding issues that have long impacted Colorado’s child protection system. As an independent state agency, the CPO is charged with studying and improving the systems tasked with protecting Colorado’s children and with helping citizens navigate these systems. The CPO is also charged with providing regular updates regarding the agency’s strategic goals and progress in achieving those goals.

The CPO’s reports are divided into two primary categories, Issue Reports and Operational Reports. Please click into the correlating pages to learn more.

By law, the CPO is charged with advising the public, legislators and stakeholders regarding issues impacting the child protection system. This includes, in many instances, providing recommendations to address such issues. One method the CPO uses to accomplish this duty is the publication of issue reports, which detail specific systemic issues and, if applicable, recommendations.

Colorado law requires the CPO to prepare operational reports detailing the accomplishments, strategic goals and budgetary needs of the agency. These reports include SMART Act reports, annual reports and agency budget requests and summaries.